Picture of Dots The Clown Costume
Jumpsuit, collar,and hat. PLEASE CALL TO PLACE ALL ORDERS!!

$41.99 (USD)

Picture of Nun Costume
Includes: Dress, collar, and headpiece.

$16.99 (USD)

Picture of Buccaneer Costume
Includes: Shirt, pants, and waist sash.

$38.99 (USD)

Picture of Soda Pop Girl costume
Includes: Dress, hat,and apron.

$34.99 (USD)

Picture of Groovin Man costume
Includes: Shirt, and bell bottom pants.

$31.99 (USD)

Picture of Purple Fairy Costume
Includes: Purple dress, sleevelets, and headpiece.
$55.00 (USD)
$16.50 (USD)

Picture of Foul Play Costume
Includes: Dress, socks, and whistle.

$36.99 (USD)

Picture of Can Can Dancer Costume
Includes: Pink and black dress, and choker.
$43.99 (USD)
$35.19 (USD)

Picture of Cow Girl Costume
Includes: Shirt, skirt with belt, hat, bandana, and glovelets.
$55.00 (USD)
$38.50 (USD)

Picture of Geisha Costume
Includes: Top, skirt, and collar with sleevelets.
$55.00 (USD)
$27.50 (USD)

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